Monday, July 14, 2014

Get Out of Your Own Way

How many excuses have you used to let yourself off the hook?
No time today to exercise; too busy with work.
If I only would have studied harder in school, I could have landed that job.
If I didn't drink that last glass of wine, I could have made it to bootcamp this morning. (I just used this one!)
If I would have gotten my bills paid yesterday, I could go out with my girlfriends.
If I would have started my diet in January, these shorts would fit now.

It's time to face the truth - we need to get out of our own way.
I often hear clients berate themselves about the decisions they made over the weekend: what they ate, what they drank. The guilt comes in waves...or buckets...and it drowns out their ability to move forward. So many of us set ourselves up to fail, allowing the small transgression to be our excuse not to move forward. And most of it was our own fault.

But what if we set ourselves up to succeed next time? What if we made exercise the first thing on the to-do list? What if we sought out additional training to earn that next job? What if we said no to that last glass of wine? What if we got our bills paid and went out with our friends? What if we started and stuck to that diet in January? Let's find out.

Let's not allow ourselves to find an excuse any longer to put off the things we want to achieve. Instead, let's set ourselves up to succeed - to reach the next level, to make it to class, to enjoy our friends, to fit into those shorts.

We already know what if feels like NOT to succeed; let's get out of our own way and succeed.

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