Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Create an Intention

Do you know why you work out? Is it to get healthy, to lose a few pounds, to get ready for a reunion or wedding? All of these are great reasons.  But are you thinking about these reasons while you are actually working out? Not likely.

More often then goals, we think about our weekend plans, work, kids, anything but why we are working out. The time we dedicate to our training is often time that we work through other issues. Our long runs become strategy sessions; our lifting routines become...routine; our Spin class becomes social hour. Without realizing it, we've lifted the weights, done the cardio and arrived at the end of the workout. Getting in the routine of working out is great; getting a routine workout is not.

Before your next workout, set an intention and pay attention to it. For example: 'today I'm going to push myself to lift heavier'; 'today I'm going to turn my resistance a notch higher '; 'today I'm going to focus on lengthening my stride.'  During your workout, keep your attention on your intention. This simple mental strategy will make your reasons for working out a reality. 

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