Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preparing for Vacation Workouts

Working out on vacation is an opportunity for change.
We tend to want to check out completely while on vacation - skipping anything that has to do with our regular, everyday life. Including squeezing in our workouts. But vacation workouts are all-together different than those everyday workouts. Vacation workouts offer us an opportunity to plan activities different from our regular routine without the constraints of everyday life. Maybe it's tennis, cycling, hiking, even a group fitness class or a trip to a personal trainer (if not just a trip to the gym). On vacation we have an opportunity to switch it up and to change the scenery.
We train all season to get or stay in shape, to lose a few pounds or tone up. It takes just a week of indulging on vacation to derail all our efforts. Instead of letting go completely, indulge your inner athlete, the one who has been training all season. Indulge in something new and different to challenge your fitness level or simply change your routine and the scenery.
Pack your workout clothes and make it a goal to use them all. Indulge in a fit and active vacation free from your everyday routine.

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